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Are Dentures Inevitable?

By March 22, 2019No Comments

Implant Anchored Dentures in Cary Are you one of the fortunate people with healthy teeth? Would you like to keep them healthy for the rest of your life? Some people believe that keeping their teeth healthy into the golden years is unlikely if not impossible.

At Cary Family Dental, a premier general and cosmetic dentistry practice in the Cary, NC area, we are happy to assure you that this is a myth. With proper dental hygiene, regular dental exams and cleanings, and a healthy lifestyle, your teeth can serve you throughout your life.

At Cary Family Dental, we help patients of all ages, including those in their seventies and eighties, maintain their beautiful smiles. Dentures are not inevitable.

Even if you opt to give dentures, a try, we want you to know that we offer implant supported dentures, including same day dentures, an implant dentistry marvel as it gives us the opportunity to give you teeth in a day! Same day dentures are able to place the dental implants and restore them with dental crowns in one day!

You can improve your smile and your life with new implant anchored dentures.

At Cary Family Dental in the Cary, NC area, we offer implant supported dentures. The all on four implant denture process involves permanently attaching your dentures to four strategically placed dental implants. The procedures offer tremendous benefits, greatly improving your oral health while improving your quality of life.

These new fixed dentures won’t slip and slide in your mouth, so you can start eating confidently again.

Our office is friendly and relaxed. You don’t need to worry about being embarrassed about your teeth – even if you have not seen a dentist or hygienist for a while. We can treat your dental problems with expertise and put you on the path for better oral health in the future.

Remember, that dental health is total health. Call us today at 919-371-4428.

We also invite you to join us for a free dental implants seminar from 6-7PM on May 8th. Doors open at 5:30 PM.

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