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CBCT: A Superior Diagnostic Tool

By September 20, 2019No Comments

X-rays are one of the most valuable diagnostic tools we have at Cary Family Dental. They enable us to analyze the state of each patient’s teeth and gums and plan the best treatment.

X-ray technology has been around for more than a century. The latest evolution is called Cone Beam Tomography (CBCT), which produces three-dimensional images of the patient’s jaw and teeth. Dental CBCT provides us with crystal clear images that give more information than standard x-rays do.

When we scan you with Dental CBCT, a motorized arm rotates 360-degress around your head from different angles. Multiple images are taken, and combined to create a single 3-D image.

With these images we are able to:

  • Place dental implants with greater accuracy
  • Treat impacted wisdom teeth more effectively
  • Improve root canal diagnoses
  • Improve orthodontic evaluation

Dental CBCT is a superior technology, which allows us to deliver improved treatment to our patients.

At Cary Family Dental, our services include single, multiple, and full arch dental implants. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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