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Dental Implant Latest Technology

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We’ve discussed different types of dental implants: All-on-4 dental implants, implant overdentures and implant-supported bridges. We haven’t talked yet about pretty amazing dental implant technology – robots! We offer the latest technology at Cary Family Dental in Cary, NC.

Robotics have been used in many surgeries to help and enhance the doctor’s knowledge and agility. While we will not likely see robots replace dentists, we may see improved surgical results from robotic technologies.

In dentistry, robotics can enhance accuracy and overall workflow with better results for patients. While dental implants show great success rates for patients, there are inherent risks. Nerve damage and implant failure can happen, and this is where navigational robotics in surgery can help to improve success rates and provide the oral surgeon with enhanced precision and consistency.

Doctors get into the business of dentistry to help patients. So, if tools like robotics can help them deliver better results, we can expect to see increased use of this technology, particularly when it comes to implants and complex dental procedures.

The Intraoral Scanner

The ability to take high-quality images has come a long way – imagine how cell phone camera technology has evolved over the years. In dentistry, images are a very important part of a patient’s dental history and treatment.

We have all likely had an impression taken of our teeth by biting into a tray filled with goop and probably can recall it being an unpleasant but necessary experience. An intraoral scanner, like ITero, makes those gag-inducing impressions a thing of the past. An intraoral device is used to scan the patient’s mouth which creates a digital impression. It’s quick and painless and can assist when it comes to orthodontics, implants, or any restorative dental needs. It can even foreshadow how patients’ teeth will look after dental implants, Invisalign braces, or whatever restorative dental procedure you may be having. This new dental technology will hopefully become the standard leading to improved patient experiences and dental results.

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