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How Old is Too Old For Dental Implants?

By November 26, 2021No Comments

Contact Dr. Allan Acton at Cary Family Dental to discuss dental implants and how they may help you. People now live longer lives and it’s not uncommon for people to reach 85 or older.  Many people, however, lose teeth because of decay or gum disease, over time, and end up with partial or full dentures that can cause more bone loss and more serious oral problems. Dentures can become loose, gum tissue may get sore, which means that eating becomes difficult. Elderly people prefer to be social, eat well, and share time with family and friends without being embarrassed by the difficulties of denture use. Quality of life is key for the elderly and constantly needs improvement.

Dental implants can dramatically improve the life quality for many older folks by allowing them to eat better, get more nutrients, stay social and lead active lifestyles.

Are elderly patients good candidates for implants?

Yes. Tooth implants are equally effective in older people, whether 65, 80, or even 95 years old, and they can heal with the same consistency as other patients. Osteoporosis does not negatively affect the outcome. Even with possible bone loss, implants can be installed without bone grafting.

Implants vs. dentures?

Dentists should recommend tooth implants instead of dentures for all patients. Implants are now the gold standard of care for mitigating lost teeth. Conventional dentures cause irreversible damage to the jawbone and significantly compromise the chewing function.

Who is too old for dental implants?

There is no age that is too old for tooth implants. A healthy person even in the later stages of life can safely have dental implants to improve their quality of life. There is no reason to let anyone suffer through the last years of their lives with loose dentures and the inability to eat, speak, and remain social.

Recovery from dental implant surgery?

Dental implant placement, performed by trained surgeons, is a gentle procedure. Recovery is faster and easier than teeth extraction. Some discomfort may last for 3-5 days which is effectively managed by Tylenol or Ibuprofen. The implants may be either restored immediately on the same day with a fixed denture or allowed to heal for 2-3 months before supporting the new teeth.

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