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Live Better With Dental Implants

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Cary Implant DentistryIll-fitting dentures can lead to more issues than they solve. If you live with loose dentures, you may regard them as a necessary evil. Yet they leave much to be desired because they impact two essential activities: eating and talking. Permanent dentures from Cary Family Dental are proving to be a superior option for many.

Missing Out on Life?

Implant dental procedures are permitting former denture wearers to re-engage in life. They are dentures that are supported by dental implants: titanium posts inserted into the jaw, where they fuse with the bone.

Consider the advantages of permanent, implant-anchored dentures:

  • They are stable because the implant is anchored in the bone.
  • Your denture is fixed, it will not move around in your mouth.
  • They prevent bone loss that can result when teeth are removed.
  • They eliminate the necessity of regular denture relines.
  • They do not aggravate gums.
  • No denture adhesive is required.

Get Your Life Back

There are many benefits to permanent, implant-supported dentures. Schedule an appointment with us at Cary Family Dental today.

We also invite you to join us for a free dental implants seminar from 6-7PM on May 8th. Doors open at 5:30 PM.

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