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New Trends in Dental Implant Technology

By July 30, 2021No Comments

Cary Family Dental, Cary NC, Dental ImplantsHistorically, doctors have been developing the best ways to cure dental issues with less physical pain tooth implants. If you need quality dental implants, you should know that there have been new developments in technology that have solved a lot of problematic issues and have made dental implants less risky and more accurate. For the most accurate assessment of your dental implant needs, contact Dr. Allan Acton at Cary Family Dental in Cary, NC to discuss a treatment plan. Some of the latest updates to dental implant technology are shown below.

Metal-Free Implants

Typically, metals have been used for implants exclusively, and early ones could corrode and possibly fail due to their finite life cycle. Newer types of implants are now available, including zirconium, hyperplastic and other materials which have proved to be versatile and strong.


Mini-implants are available if they can fit your jaw and bone structure. They can result in a quicker placement process and less pain for the patients. They may possibly also require minimal bone grafting, which can extend the timeframe but are overall less expensive.

3-D Imaging

Taking a 3-D image of a patient’s mouth to more accurately determine any special requirements for tooth implants is a common procedure. This makes your dentist’s work more accurate and can help result in less pain for patients.

Robot Assistance

Some of the latest implant technology involves assistance from a robot to complete the process of placement. With this tool, implants become much more precise with less chance of error. Robots are only used under the supervision of a trained doctor, and they help perform the surgery with a high level of precision.

Bio Implants

Using a biological agent during the implant procedure can reduce the chance of infections and complications in vulnerable patients. Typically, these agents get released to help kill harmful bacteria and help in the healing process.

To get the best implants done for a particular problem, patients need to consult with their dentist, get properly diagnosed, and take advantage of some of these innovations for their dental implants, where available.

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