Single Tooth Replacement

Missing Tooth Replacement Options In Cary

Do you have a missing tooth and wondering what your options are? Having a missing tooth can sometimes be embarrassing. It’s no fun to be uncomfortable about smiling. It’s also sometimes a health hazard to not be able to properly chew your food.

One of the finest tooth replacement solutions is offered by Dr. Acton at Cary Family Dental. We are pleased to offer our neighbors in the Apex, Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina area an amazing tooth replacement procedure–a dental implant.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant as a tooth replacement is a procedure that involves placing a small titanium rod in the gums and jawbone. Within 3-6 months, the dental implant fuses (ossifies) with the jawbone and becomes a “new” tooth root. We place a dental crown on the dental implant and this forms a “new” tooth.

Woman who had a missing tooth receiving a tooth replacement with a dental implant in Cary, NC.

The Advantages of a Dental Implant as a Tooth Replacement

  • A dental implant is remarkably secure and durable as a tooth replacement. You will probably have it your whole life.
  • A dental implant looks just like your natural tooth. We shape, size and color match it so it looks completely natural in your smile.
  • A dental implant to replace a missing tooth feels just like a natural tooth. You won’t have that empty space in your smile anymore.
  • A dental implant functions just like a natural tooth. Having a missing tooth makes some foods hard to chew. With a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, biting and chewing your food is completely comfortable.
  • A single tooth implant can be more visually appealing and easier to keep clean than a dental bridge. The cement holding a bridge in place can wash out, giving bacteria an opening to decay the teeth that anchor the bridge.
A dental implant is a great tooth replacement option for patients near Raleigh and Apex, NC.

Missing Tooth? Consider a Tooth Replacement via Dental Implant in Cary

At Cary Family Dental, we perform every part of the dental implant procedure, so you can feel comfortable and at home. We also offer dental sedation for our patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

To replace a missing tooth, call, TEXT Cary Family Dental today! A dental implant as a tooth replacement is an excellent solution and we would love to provide more information about this for you if you are in the Raleigh area, from Cary to Apex, NC!