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The steps in the dental implant process

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Dental implant surgery

Comprehensive examination

You need a full dental examination here at Cary Family Dental in Cary, NC to ensure you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. They will take a panoramic dental X-ray for your dentist to check the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. This helps them to see where the proposed implant will be anchored and if any preparatory surgery might be needed. If you have enough jawbone density and healthy gums, preparation such as bone grafting is no longer needed. Your family dentist will also take a 3D image and impression of your teeth and jaw.

Review of your medical records

The dental surgeon will request your medical records to ensure you are clear of any possible complications after implant surgery. They will also ask if you are taking prescriptions for any medical conditions, to determine if you might need additional medication before the surgery.

Proposed treatment plan

Now the surgeon should inform you of the proposed treatment plan including the number implants you may need. They will review the precise surgical area and what type of implant they intend to use, based on your medical history and allergic reactions. If you don’t have a reaction to metal, titanium dental implants are the best option. If there is a past allergic reaction, then zirconia ceramic implants can be recommended.

Surgery to place the implant

During the procedure, your surgeon will administer sedation and also numb the surgical site, so you feel comfortable.  Then they will access your gums to expose your jawbone. A hole is drilled into the bone into which the dental screw is placed. Finally, they place a temporary cap while you heal for several months.

Adding the abutment

A few months following your dental implant surgeryyour dental surgeon will need to check the ensure the screw has successfully fused with the bone. If so, then minor surgery is performed to place the abutment on the screw tip, and this connects the implant to the final restoration. Titanium is a two-piece implant, that’s why a separate surgery is done to place the abutment. On one hand, single-piece implants no longer require a second surgery.

Placing the synthetic tooth

After gums around the abutment of titanium dental implants have healed, your artificial tooth is ready to be placed. The final solution is either removable dentures to cover the abutment(s) or a single fixed dental crown for a single tooth procedure.

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