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Will Dental Implants Affect How I Eat?

By January 28, 2022No Comments

Dental implants Cary NCWhat Can I Eat After the Dental Implant Procedure?

Initially, you will need to eat only soft foods while you recover from dental implant surgery. By doing this, your mouth and jaws will have a chance to heal. Avoid foods that are sticky or hard to chew while you’re healing. Once you fully recover from the dental implant surgery,  you’ll be able to eat whatever you want. Talk to Dr. Allan Acton at Cary Family Dental in Cary NC to see if dental implants are an option for you.

Dental implants can provide you the pleasure of eating those foods you’ve been avoiding with missing teeth. Since dental implants mimic the natural function of teeth, you don’t have to worry about your teeth slipping or falling out — allowing you to bite and chew as though you had a full set of natural teeth.

Dental implants can also be easily shaped and shaded to blend with the rest of your teeth so that you won’t be able to distinguish them from your natural ones.

Ask our office about getting dental implants and begin enjoying all the foods you’ve been missing. Our dental implants dentist Dr. Allan Acton will be able to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

How Will Dental Implants Improve How I Eat?

Eating with dental implants is far superior to what you may have experienced wearing dentures. Even the best-fitting dentures tend to slip, especially when you are eating foods that are difficult to chew.

Once dentures slip, food can get caught underneath the appliance and irritate your gums. The only way to remove these food particles is to brush or soak your dentures after eating.

Most of the taste buds in your mouth are on your tongue. Yet did you know that some taste buds are on the roof of your mouth? People who wear upper dentures have a plate that covers the roof of their mouth, which affects their sense of taste. One of the benefits of dental implants is that you’re able to use all your taste buds.

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